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Product information

Holzbauschrauben Holzbauschraube GHS GHS Plus Vollgewinde GWS KF KKT GWZ SK GH HT tension tie, 2-piece

Preassembly during wall production
The fishplates are pre-installed during production of the walls and the wall is completely closed. For flush installation of the wall sheathing, we recommend a 3.0 mm deep routing in the wall plate.

Final installation on the construction site
The base angle connector is mounted flush on the floor slab on the construction site. Unevenness in the floor slab of up to 30 mm is quickly and easily adjusted for by the serrations and the connector is fixed using a nut M10.

Fishplate installation options

Left-hand or right-hand type
The fishplate is mounted on the left or right-hand side of the post using GH connector nails or GH screws. Only one routing of 3.0 mm in the wall plate is recommended to ensure absolute wind-tightness.
Straight type
The fishplate is mounted on the front of the post. A recess of at least 5.0 mm is recommended in the post + wall plate or in the OSB board. Alternatively, the fishplate can also be mounted via the intermediate layer in the post.

Article ID H L B T n
ETA 0769

340 60 3,0 20 ETA-10/0010

5.723,90 €
per 100 Stck
incl. 19,00 % VAT
EAN: 4019346032763
63,00 kg / 100

VPE : 10 / Palett : 0

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