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“Innovations in Timber Construction”

                                                    “Innovations in T imber Construction  “

                                     GH KF


                              • Martensitic stainless steel, rustproof
                                for patio decking and façades, especially for fixing hardwoods
                              • Optimum thread / shank ratio
                                for high thread pull-out values

                             Head markings                                    Extra deep TX drive
                             including length data                            with entry chamfer
                                                                              for easy positioning

                           Clean head finish
                  due to cone-shaped bearing surface
                              with undercut head

                    Trailing extended shank                                   Deep thread for secure grip
                               cutting flutes                                 within the boundary area and soft substructure
                                    for easy use

                           Fine pitch thread                                  Thread up to the tip
         for exact adjusting of the length of engagement                      for good “bite”

                Set-back notched drill point
                            for precise positioning

                                                                                                              1 bit

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