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       HB                                            HSB
                                                     GH HSB angle brackets can also be used at flat steel anchors. The folded
                                                     part is cast in the concrete.
                                                     GH HS angle brackets are used for safe and reliable fixing of timber
                                                     elements on other construction materials, e.g. concrete or steel.
                                                     The short leg, together with an M 10 bolt (+ plain washer Ø 30), transfers
                                                     a suction force into the substructure.
                                                     By installing an anchor rail (e.g. Halfen HTA 28/15 channel), subsequent
                                                     adjustability is achieved and this makes installation significantly easier.

                                                     We recommend using 2 angle connectors per joint to prevent twisting of
                                                     the timber elements. Timber element joint using GH connector nails (page
                                                     89) or GH screw (page 90).

                                                     Made of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet.


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