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Product information

Holzbauschrauben Holzbauschraube GHS GHS Plus Vollgewinde GWS KF KKT GWZ SK GH truss clips, 2-piece

GH truss clips, 2-piece, are suitable for fixing rafters on joists. Removes the need for time-consuming offset and the inclined stud or clamping bolts. GH truss clips, 2-piece, are used for a timber width from approx. 80mm.

For Fixing with GH connector nails, GH screws.
Made of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet t = 2.5mm.

Article ID B L T n1
Ø 5
160 60 2,5 8 beantragt
965,12 €
per 100 Paar
incl. 16,00 % VAT
EAN: 4019346155004
60,00 kg / 100

VPE : 25 / Palett : 0