GH-Mounting Brackets 60x90x60x2,5 round hole 10mm

Order no.: 16910 EAN: 4019346110362

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Breite: 60
Höhe: 90
Länge: 60
Stärke: 2,5
Nebenträger Ø 5: 9
Nebenträger2 Ø: 1x10
Langloch: 5x30
ETA-09/0322: ETA-09/0322
Material: S 250 GD +Z 275




These GH angle brackets are primarily suitable for securing the bearing of columns on concrete slabs, steel girders and timber sills. They can also be used for reliably securing rafter bearings on trusses. The advantage of the angle connector with elongated hole is that it allows greater variability of use in the area of the joint, as is often necessary, for example, if the dowel could not be attached in the element with precise fit.


The elongated hole nevertheless ensures optimum seating of the angle connector. The elongated hole is also advantageous when used in conjunction with Halfen cast-in channels.

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