GH-Tie Rods TOP 240 Vario 240x120x66x3,0; 18x26

Order no.: 110850 EAN: 4019346110850


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Breite: 55
Höhe: 240
Länge: 120
Stärke: 2,0
n Ø5: 18+9
nBo 1x Ø: -
nBo Ø 18x26 mm: 2
ETA-10/0010: ETA-10/0010
Material: S 250 GD +Z 275
TopLine: TopLine




GH tension tie in conjunction with the GH plain washer is the complete set for base anchoring in timber frame construction. The tensile force is transferred into the concrete by the angle connector with washer and dowel with perfect structural results.


Properties and advantages:

• Approved joint via intermediate layer

• Efficient wall or column joint on concrete

• High degree of preproduction possible in timber/timber framework construction

• Fast and practical use

• Estimating advantage due to easy complete assembly

• Time savings through the removal for the need of complicated markings and dowel holes in advance

• Safe and reliable use due to the coordinated system

• Direct joint possible, e.g. on OSB boards between the timber studs using GH screw


Suitable for fixing on:

• OSB particleboard*

• Particleboard*

• Hard wood fibreboard*

• “Kerto” laminated veneer lumber*

• “MICRO LAM LVL 2.0”*

• Solid and glulam timber

* Using GH screw


Technical details:

• Coordinated GH tension ties und plain washers system

• Clear structural calculations possible

• Variable use options due to the rotatable GH plain washer

• Flexible application options, depending on the forces to be absorbed

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