GH-Angle Connector 90x90x40x3,0

Order no.: 994 EAN: 4019346110102
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Breite: 40
Höhe: 90
Länge: 90
Stärke: 3,0
Nebenträger Ø 5: 10
ETA-09/0322: ETA-09/0322
Material: S 250 GD +Z 275


ETA 09 0322 Made in Germany  


The GH angle bracket Type 40 / 95 is a strong equal leg angle connector. It is used wherever the requirements for the force to be connected are not very high. E.g. purlins on glulam beams, side rails on columns, etc. We recommend installing 2 angle connectors for each joint.

For fixing with GH connector nails, GH screws.

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